Gut microbiome genetic test

  • Discover the status of your intestinal health
  • Improve the quality of your life by strengthening the microbiota
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  • You rely on an ISO 9001 and SIGUCERT accredited and certified company
  • Receive free consultation from our nutritionist

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Why take the test?

To discover the bacteria that populate your gut, strengthen the microbiome and better manage health and physical activity with a personalized diet.

Prevent intestinal and systemic diseases

Improve your sports performance

Take action on overweight and obesity

Contrast urogenital diseases

Treat the microbiota during pregnancy

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How the test works?


Once you have ordered it, you will receive our genetic analysis collection kit in the comfort of your home. Inside you will find the instructions to follow for collecting the stool sample in a few simple steps, how to send the kit to our laboratory and all the forms to fill out to authorize us to proceed with the analysis.


The analysis is performed through the extraction of bacterial DNA from the faeces and the NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) sequencing of specific hypervariable (16S) gene regions, which allow to produce a taxonomic classification of the bacterial populations present in the intestine and, therefore, to know the health of your microbiome.


After 15-20 working days, you can download the result of your test, using the appropriate credentials. While not having a diagnostic value, the report provides an excellent picture of the types of bacteria that colonize your intestine and is an essential tool, to be evaluated with a nutritionist, to receive personalized dietary advice and recommendations for any supplements to take.


Post test cosultation by our nutritionist

If you wish, you will have the opportunity to request a free post-test consultation with our nutritionist, to analyze and comment the test results together.


What is the Microbiome?

The microbiome is the set of the genetic heritage of the microbiota, that is the microorganisms that populate the intestine and that live in symbiosis and in constant interaction with the organism.

In the intestine of each individual there are billions of bacterial cells, but also viruses, parasites and fungi that coexist in balance with each other and with the body, guaranteeing a beneficial and preventive state for numerous intestinal and systemic diseases.
The analysis of the microbiome is, therefore, a fundamental molecular investigation tool to find out which bacteria populate your intestine and what their function is. This allows you to receive a complete report on your intestinal well-being, which is useful to strengthen your microbiome and better manage your health, your nutrition and your physical activity according to it.

What should you expect from the test result?


You will have our nutritionist available to analyze the test results together.



You will receive dietary advice, which you can deeply discuss with our nutritionist, to improve the health of your microbiome.


You will receive a complete list of the bacteria present in your intestinal microbiome (%) and enterotype to which they belong.


Thanks to the calculation of the presence of beneficial organisms (probiotics), together with our nutritionist, you will be able to evaluate a possible personalized integration.

The microbiota changes over time, which is why it is recommended to repeat the test following major changes in diet and / or lifestyle. It is advisable to check every 6 months if you change your diet or take probiotics.

What are you waiting for? Find out now the health of your microbiome!

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Who are we?

Personal Microbiome is a project of Personal Genomics, a leading company in the supply of genomic analysis and interpretation of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data. A team of scientists with a high degree of specialization that avails itself of the support of a Scientific Committee with many years of experience in the field of molecular biology.

Personal Genomics is part of the SOL Group and constitutes, together with Diatheva and Cryolab, the Biotechnology Division of the multinational.

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The Personal Genomics laboratory is certified UNI EN ISO9001, SIGUCERT (Quality management system for medical genetics laboratories) and accredited by the Veneto Region (accreditation code: 768225). The quality of the results is also guaranteed by the execution of internal quality controls and participation in international circuits (EMQN and EQA) of External Quality Verifications (VEQ).

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